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No Divide is the first product of the No Games Project, uniquely linking your purchase to the benefit of charities.

The Game

No Divide provides stimulating family fun, using 10 sided dice, strategy and mental agility in a mathematical race to the target number. Using the colour coded dice, you can plan your way to reach the target before other players. Hours of fun and competition for all age groups, from 5 to 95.

  • Hours of educational fun for family and friends.
  • Test your mental maths (or cheat with a calculator if you need to…)
  • Beat your parents, grandparents or friends to the target number.
  • Decide your plans, roll the dice, see how the race to the target unfolds.
  • Harness and develop your mental maths skills as you plot a course from zero to the goal.


Our Products

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How your Purchase Benefits Charitable Causes

When you order a game, or some replacement components of the No Divide game, you are positively affecting the lives of others through our unique position.

From providing job opportunities to adults with learning disabilities in the supply chain, through to direct contributions to charities from the profits of the No Games Project, your enjoyment will lead to benefits for others.

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