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In a unique arrangement, the No Games Project is founded with a primary objective of utilising a significant percentage of profits to directly benefit charitable causes, and in particular those charities involved in caring for adults with learning disabilities, such as Down’s Syndrome, for example.

An example of such a charity is the Home Farm Trust, who provide a wide range of care through their 24 sites across the UK. From closely managed residential care, to more “hands off” solutions, the charity is focussed around the needs of every individual, and tailors support plans to meet their needs. More details can be found at

At regular periods during the year for the No Games Projects, donations will be made to HFT and other partner charities, so that you can be assured that a significant share of your money will go to very worthwhile causes.

No Divide is the first game launched, and is the brainchild of founder and director, Don Pilkington, who is keen to eventually provide enough funding for a residential centre to be built to provide stimulating experiences and activities for those who cannot normally enjoy and savour such fun.

For more information on the project, or to register as a supporter, please visit our social media sites or contact us via

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